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brodyA portrait is more than a painting. More than pigment on canvas, more than brush strokes. More than even a likeness of the subject. Done well, a portrait is a conversation: between subject and artist, subject and loved ones and other viewers, even for years afterwards.

A portrait commission – whether person or pet – is a special, often one-time event in a person’s life. Since its advent over 5,000 years ago oil portraiture, once the province of royalty, has become increasingly popular for people in many walks of life. Whether you seek to honor a loved one, commemorate a leader, or simply capture a moment in time in your child’s life, an oil portrait is an powerful choice.

12711027_10153993779668112_6696758783438890774_oDespite the ease and accessibility of digital photography, painted portraits convey a level of beauty and allow for psychological exploration and expression of emotion that cannot otherwise be captured.  Properly cared for, oil paintings can become treasured family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation.

The Process

The first meeting is a discussion of the client’s ideas and expectations for the portrait and where the photography session will take place. Meeting, talking with, and observing the person(s) to be portrayed gives Julie a chance to think about how best to compose and light the portrait to best advantage. Julie works from a combination of photographs taken by her and sittings, if possible. Typically, the photo session is done with a digital camera on location. This session takes approximately two hours to complete. The cost of the photography is included in the listed price.

The size range indicated is approximate and will be based upon where the portrait will hang. She reserves the right to alter the size of the portrait slightly to enhance the composition of the portrait. This will not reflect a price change. Sizes significantly smaller will be rendered as an oil sketch and prices will be negotiated. On occasion, a compositional sketch or head study will be done before beginning the portrait. All portraits are done in oil on canvas or linen. Travel and expenses are additional charges. Sales tax is applicable in some states.


  • Head and Shoulders (24″ x 18″ – 30″ x 24″): $3,000.00
  • Three-quarter Length (30″ x 24″ – 42″ x 30″): $5,000.00
  • Full Length (42″ x 30″ – 60″ x 48″): $7,000.00

Current fees listed above are subject to change without notice. For each additional figure add 50%. For fully developed background add 50%. Add 10% for each pet. Framing is additional. A 50% deposit reserves a place on the waiting list and holds the current price.

To get started on your commission, call Julie’s studio at 303.817.5856 or send her an email.