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4 things to remember when developing your painting style

Sorry for tricking you with the title, but “developing” painting style? You just can’t do it. I wish someone had told me when I was just starting to paint that …

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10 Ways to Get Back Into the Studio

Wanna know the most common dirty little secret of many a professional artist? We aren’t always the picture of discipline and unwavering dedication to our vocation of aesthetics and beauty …

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Zorn Palette Scales

I often start students off with some color studies, such as these. I got the idea, of course, from Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima book. I’ve done these several times over …

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Hunting for Your Perfect Line

I really love the beginning of a painting. So much so I’m often tempted to just make a few exploratory marks and leave it the way it is. Who knows, …

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Reflections, Self-Portrait

The Making of a Self-Portrait

Recently Jerry’s Artarama selected my self-portrait, “Reflections on 40” to be their cover art for the 2012 Jerry’s Artarma Fall Catalog. As part of that they posted an Artist’s Spotlight …

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