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  • Reflections, Self-Portrait
  • Color Study for Reflections. 8" x 10"
  • Brush Detail, "Reflections".
  • Brush Detail, Reflections. 30" x 24" Click for larger image.
  • Detail of wedding picture, lamp and mahl stick.
  • Detail, Reflections, 30" x 24". Click for larger image.

The Making of a Self-Portrait

Reflections on 40, 30″ x 24″ click for larger image.

Recently Jerry’s Artarama selected my self-portrait, “Reflections on 40” to be their cover art for the 2012 Jerry’s Artarma Fall Catalog. As part of that they posted an Artist’s Spotlight about me and Online Street Team Art Project article about the making of Reflections. Thank you Jerry’s!

I wanted to post the color study I mentioned in the article, as well as some detail shots of the painting I really like.





Color study.

After I was satisfied by the composition I worked out through pencil sketches I addressed my palette by working up this small 8″ x 10″ color study on a simple canvas panel. I don’t always do this but for larger pieces it can be helpful. This took me about an hour. Since I already had the composition worked out in my head I could focus on color and I was sort of on autopilot.

Color Study for Reflections. 8″ x 10″









I never feel like I’m locked in to anything though. For example, when I got around to painting the brushes it always read as very cluttered. Time to revisit and pare down that element. The result were a lot fewer brushes, but I think it read a lot better.

Brush Detail, Reflections. 30″ x 24″ Click for larger image.










Detail of the mahl stick, lamp and wedding picture in the background.

Detail of wedding picture, lamp and mahl stick.











Face detail. The painting on the easel is “The Lesson” which was in progress at the time I was painting this one.

Detail, Reflections, 30″ x 24″. Click for larger image.












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